The Bucket List…

Let’s kick start this blog with something that is measurable, acheivable and excitably inspirational

… A Bucket List!

For Those who aren’t exactly sure what it is, a bucket list is a list of things you will attempt to do before you die, or in the more phrasal term ‘kick the bucket’. This phrase has many different origins, though one of the most accepted talks of suicide in the middle ages in which those who had ‘had enough’ would stand on top of an over turned bucket with a noose around their neck. With one swift kick the bucket would move and the individual would be hanged…

but enough of the grim, ‘let’s get optimistic’

Ever since I can remember I have had people telling me of things that I can’t do. In a busy and consumerist world, I feel the word goal has been replaced by the word dream. I am not saying that dreams are a bad thing, not at all! I am saying that we have put our goals and aspirations into the dream world, a fantasy world that should be left on the shelf until we have for-filled our financial and academic responsibilities.

I have noticed that when you dare to dream, there is always someone around to remind you of your limitations, or better yet, remind you of the hardships you will encounter and the probability of failure.

So I ask myself why?

Why do these people come into our lives and challenge the optimistic world we so desperately try to hold on to? Well, I can only guess but this is my theory. I feel these individuals are not all bad, and that most of the time they are not trying to crush the spirit we are trying find within ourselves. I feel, they just have not yet found out who they are, and have not given themselves the freedom to dare, try, experience and achieve. They are in essence as scared for you as they are for themselves.

But should this stop us form aiming high?

My answer? … No

Life is too short to be weighted down by the opinion of others, and there is too much pain in the word to punish others for their ignorance. Instead, dare to dream, listen to the things inside you, around you, that make your blood rush! Be the person you want to be today so that every tomorrow grows the seedling of an even greater you.

So how big can your dreams get and will you let yourself realise them?

My answer is B-I-G and yes… actually YES!


And here is where we return back to the bucket list…

A bucket list usually consists of around 100 things you would like to achieve. Since my favourite number is 4 and I enjoy being a little different, my bucket list will be made up of 104 goals.

In which I have already acheived 1!

#1. Build a snowman in Nepal


I had this dream since I was 14. When I hit 18 I told my mother that I was off to trek the Nepal Himalaya at the end of the year… it wasn’t till It was 3 weeks away and a published visa that people started to get worried.

Now I don’t feel that everything on a bucket list has to be epic, they can consist of things such as learning an instrument, studying a language or owning a home. Though make your bucket list completely for yourself. Throw away the ego, shed your old skin and rediscover your true colours.


‘What an amazing world we live in.

what an amazing world we could be a part of.’


MY BUCKET LIST (to be continued…)

1. Build a snowman in Nepal- Achieved

2. Contribute 6 months of my time to a charitable cause

3. Visit every country in the world (A big one right? …I can only try)

4. Become a Father

5. Take my Mother to Peru to Climb Machu Pichu

6. Live in a foreign country for at least 1 year

7. Complete my DELF in French (Fluency test for French)

8. Complete my DELE in Spanish (Fluency test for Spanish)

9. Learn to play the guitar

10. Become a Naturopath

11. Finish a degree

12. Become a yoga instructor

14. Complete an iron man

15. Backpack somewhere with my sister

16. See the Northern Lights In Iceland

17. Drink Banana Beer in Uganda

19. Travel the Siberian Railway

20. Study at a monastery for at least 4 weeks

21. Climb a volcano – Achieved (Misty Volcano in Peru)

22. Climb to Everest Base Camp in Nepal – Achieved

23. Learn Thai massage and Thai herbal medicine in Thailand

24. Speak 5 Languages well

25. Start my own business

26. Study Permaculture

27. Jump into an icy lake in Alaska

29. Drink red wine in Romania

30. Trek through the amazon

31. Visit Portmsouth, England with my Father

32. Live abroad for more than 6 months- Achieved

33. Travel the Ukraine with Rodney

34. Run my hands through the sand of the Sahara Desert- Achieved

35. Snowboard in Japan

36. Learn Hip hop and street funk

37. Visit Antarctica

38. Write and self publish my own cookbook

39. Study in depth the art of Buddhism

40. Try couch surfing at least once in my life

(to be continued)

What are your top 100/104 goals before you kick it?

Maybe it’s about time you got out that pen and paper…



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